Charities We Support | PlushAnthropy

Whenever you purchase a PlushAnthropy stuffed animal, you're also supporting a worthy cause, something relevant to the collectible.  That means you can display the plush in your home or office and be proud of what it means.  You can turn every stuffed animal into a statement piece, representing who you are and what you care about.  Plush after plush, you can get a memory of your charitable giving.  

We have partnered with ShoppingGives and keep records of all the charitable giving they do on your behalf, making sizable donations from every sale.  

Donations automatically default to a featured cause.  Look for the ShoppingGives box and click the update button.  Changes are made on the shopping cart page. 

- Select a Cause to Benefit from Your Purchase
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- Donation gets calculated from the items in your cart along with the selected cause.
- After checkout a confirmation is sent with your order.